What is SQF?

SQF is a GFSI benchmarked food safety standard and is the only GFSI recognized standard that provides a separate, unique approach to incorporating a Quality certification component. SQF Level 3 is widely recognized as the highest-level of certification achievable in the food industry.

What is Frozen Lean Beef?

Frozen Lean Beef (FLB) is a 90-92% lean beef item that is used to lower the cost of your beef block without effecting color, texture or appearance. FLB has no uses or limitations by the USDA because it is 100% beef.

Is ammonia used to treat HRR’s products?

Absolutely not! HRR does not use preservatives, processing aids, or artificial ingredients in any of our products.

Does your beef contain fillers or by-products?

No! Our products are 100% USDA inspected beef.

How is Frozen Lean Beef produced?

Fresh USDA inspected beef trimmings are ground and disinewed. The beef is extracted through a low temperature processing system using a series of centrifuges. The lean beef is then instantly quick frozen (IQF), chipped, boxed and palletized. As stated above, our process features absolutely no additives, processing aids, preservatives, or other ingredients. We simply separate one ingredient (Beef Trimmings) into two separate products (Frozen Lean Beef and Edible Beef Tallow). Thus, creating affordable, safe, lean beef for our customers.